Eurizon meeting Topics 1,2,3



EURIZON Task 4.1 Status:

M4.1.1 (M30 July 2022, DESY) Identify common beam physics interests, define necessary software developments
M4.1.2 (M30 July 2022, DESY) Definition of the work organisation for beam dynamics studies
M4.1.3 (M32 September 2022, ESRF) Define work organisation and contributors to the tasks identified in M4.1.1
M4.1.4 (M36 Jan 2023, DESY) Beam Diagnostics: Definition of the work organization for beam diagnostics studies

M4.1.6 (M42 July 2023, ESRF) Assess feasibility of experimental validation on EBS or PETRA III.

To do:

D4.1.1 (M38 March 2023, ESRF) Preliminary technical report with proof of principle validation on simplified test cases

M4.1.5 (M42 Jul 2023, ESRF) Beam Diagnostics: Selection of the shaker device

D4.1.2 (M48, January 2024, DESY) Final technical report with detailed beam dynamics studies and documentation for EBS and/or PETRA IV

D4.1.3 (M48, Januray 2024 DESY) Technical report on beam diagnostics studies with detailed documentation.



notes meeting 19th January 2023

Eurizon Task 4.1


SL Simone Liuzzo  YES
LH Lina Hoummi YES
SW Simon White NO
LC Lee Carver NO
NC Nicola Carmignani NO
IA Ilya Agapov NO
JK Joachim Keil YES
TH Thorsten Hellert YES
BV Bianca Veglia YES
LM Lukas Malina NO
EM Elaf Musa YES

For diag meetings:
HS Holger Schlarb  NO
GK Gero Kube   NO
SJ Szymon Jablonski  NO
SP Sven Pfeiffer   NO
SM Sajjad Mirza  NO
KS Kees Scheidt NO
BR Benoit Roche  NO
EB Elena Buratin NO
FE Friederike Ewald NO


Eurizon update: no update.

Some people from ESRF on Strike.

BV Ilya Agapov suggested to use Badger software developed with DESY, SLAC and BNL. It is a framework that allows to operate different algorithms depending on necessity. Bayesian optimization is available for example.
It also has Extreemum seeker, but different version. Presently it is not converging. The responsible of Badger is informed and will likely help.
MB (software developper at DESY)
tested at XFEL with success. Badger is the successor of OCELOT. It is an optimizer platform for both accelerator (SLAC and XFEL) . Badger has more than OCELOT and is extendable.
Badger has better usability, one click optimization. history of run, re-run etc...
Most importantly it is higly extensible.
it has (or can be) interface for different control systems
can be used from command line or GUI(not complusory) or from python code
environment can be simulation or real control system

BV Budger can be easily made ready for EBS CTRM
BV to use a model based optimization could improve convergence of the minimization with ES, baiesyan optimization.
efficient with few knobs.
32 knobs is a large number for optimization knobs.

MB Badger can be installed with CONDA environment.

SL proposes to BV to use random skew only at SF2 (to test a case whos solution is known, zero skew)

SL how to install BADGER at ESRF?
MB replies: conda and conda-forge

SL which optimizers available?
MB several

SL possible to simulate before MDT?
BV yes

SL which software? python?
MB yes

MDT schedule. May be 7th February or later a Monday.

SL. could do a small meeting to set up in the ESRF simulator.

SL speaks about error development in pyAT. work has started but could be better. We need to intervene in the discussion or the code will be different from what we want.

TH. why not a meeting on error development in pyAT involving all main actors, in particular Laurent Farvacque, third week of February? TH will give presentation on SC.

SL shows TechReport PART B. comments will be sent if any.

TH will join to EURIZON annual meeting in person.

SL presentation on Cross Talks

TH and JK model with single element and detailed arguments could be used also with errors

JK could use efficient sextupoles to fit the chroma errors. same for dipoles to fit the discrepancy in dispersion.

SL shows deliverable draft. Asks to fill it in when possible, time is short.

SL asks if MDT are planned on EURIZON topics in the future at PETRAIII. ESRF colleagues would be happy to participate.

JK Wednesdays MD time at PETRAIII.

SL if some tbT measurement or Badger optimization are scheduled, we would be happy to join.

NEXT meetings to be planned:
16th-Feb-2023 pyAT errors with L.Farvacque and Z.Marti if possible.
30th Jan 2023 for Badger
MDT for Badger optimization.

There are minutes attached to this event. Show them.
    • 1:00 PM 1:10 PM
      Eurizon status update + Techincal Report Part B draft 10m

      D4.1.1 (M38 March 2023, ESRF) Preliminary technical report with proof of principle validation on simplified test cases

      Speaker: Simone Liuzzo (ESRF)
    • 1:10 PM 1:20 PM
      TbT data analysis, ES update, planning of next MDTs 10m
    • 1:20 PM 1:40 PM
      Badger introduction and tests 20m

      Speakers: Dr Bianca Veglia (DESY), Dr Michael Boese (DESY)
    • 1:40 PM 1:45 PM
      developments on errors implementation in pyAT 5m

      Speakers: Simon White (ESRF), Simone Liuzzo (ESRF)
    • 1:45 PM 1:55 PM
      use of pyAT commissioning tools for PETRAIV 10m

      postponed to after March

      Speakers: Dr Ilya Agapov (DESY), Simone Liuzzo (ESRF)
    • 1:55 PM 2:05 PM
    • 2:05 PM 2:15 PM
      status of deliverable 4.1.1 10m
    • 2:15 PM 2:35 PM
      Any other bussiness 20m