Eurizon meeting Topics 1,2,3



EURIZON Task 4.1 Status:

M4.1.1 (M30 July 2022, DESY) Identify common beam physics interests, define necessary software developments
M4.1.2 (M30 July 2022, DESY) Definition of the work organisation for beam dynamics studies
M4.1.3 (M32 September 2022, ESRF) Define work organisation and contributors to the tasks identified in M4.1.1

M4.1.6 (M42 July 2023, ESRF) Assess feasibility of experimental validation on EBS or PETRA III.

To do:

M4.1.4 (M36 Jan 2023, DESY) Beam Diagnostics: Definition of the work organization for beam diagnostics studies

M4.1.5 (M42 Jul 2023, ESRF) Beam Diagnostics: Selection of the shaker device

D4.1.1 (M38 March 2023, ESRF) Preliminary technical report with proof of principle validation on simplified test cases

D4.1.2 (M48, January 2024, DESY) Final technical report with detailed beam dynamics studies and documentation for EBS and/or PETRA IV

D4.1.3 (M48, Januray 2024 DESY) Technical report on beam diagnostics studies with detailed documentation.


Extract from Kaja Scheliga message:

Submitted a revised amendment request on 23.09.2022. We are in close exchange with our Policy Officer and are expecting final feedback on the current amendment very soon. We thank you again for your cooperation, all your contributions, and patience in this very complex and difficult process!



Ilya Agapov
Nicola Carmignani
Lee Carver
Thorsten Hellert
Lina Hoummi
Joachim Keil
Simone Maria Liuzzo
Luckas Malina
Elaf Musa
Thomas Perron
Bianca Veglia
Simon White


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    • 10:00 AM 10:05 AM
      Eurizon status update 5m
    • 10:05 AM 10:25 AM
      Extremum seeker MDT 28th November update/report 20m
      Speakers: Dr Bianca Veglia (DESY), Lina Hoummi
    • 10:25 AM 10:45 AM
      Introduction to Cross Talk studies for PETRAIV 20m
      Speaker: Dr Joachim Keil (DESY)
    • 10:45 AM 11:05 AM
      definition of outline for D4.1.1 report content 20m
      Speakers: Dr Ilya Agapov (DESY), Simone Liuzzo (ESRF)
    • 11:05 AM 11:25 AM
      (postponed) use of pyAT commissioning tools for PETRAIV 20m
      Speakers: Dr Ilya Agapov (DESY), Simone Liuzzo (ESRF)
    • 11:25 AM 11:40 AM
      listing of IPAC abstract submissions 15m
    • 11:40 AM 12:00 PM
      Any other bussiness 20m