Topic 2 TbT



notes meeting 5th October 2022: TbT

L.M. shows code for PETRA IV (in pycharm)

MADX seems widely used in the code, not only fro Twiss files. also for optics correction.

L.M. shows slides for program of MDT. What is needed and what we may measure

N.C. try a local error and recover it

S.W. chromaticity may introduce a systematic error

N.C. focus on on-energy and if there is time go off-energy

N.C. would like to have some working example, for the moment not working

S.W. what software is needed. MADX, cpymad ?

L.M. code comes with MADX binaries. no need for other code. Entirely stand alone. only needed thing is lattice definition

L.M. and N.C. fix the example of code provided by L.M.

L.M. explains in detail the use of several files.

S.W. how to get Dispersion.

L.M. can be done, will need several measurements, as there is no 3D shaker available.

S.W. may be an overkill

L.M. yes, but you get many other parameters as well.

N.C. when do we do the MDT?

S.L. let's ee tomorrow after we know the status of Bianca

L.M. time for MDT in PETRA, November or next year.


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