Eurizon Task 4.1 Diagnostics D4.1.2


31st March 2023: ammendment approved

M4.1.1 (M30 July 2022, DESY) Identify common beam physics interests, define necessary software developments
M4.1.2 (M30 July 2022, DESY) Definition of the work organisation for beam dynamics studies
M4.1.3 (M32 September 2022, ESRF) Define work organisation and contributors to the tasks identified in M4.1.1
M4.1.4 (M36 Jan 2023, DESY) Beam Diagnostics: Definition of the work organization for beam diagnostics studies

D4.1.1 (M38 March 2023, ESRF) Preliminary technical report with proof of principle validation on simplified test cases

M4.1.5 (M42 Jul 2023, ESRF) Beam Diagnostics: Selection of the shaker device

To do:

D4.1.2 (M48, January 2024, DESY) Final technical report with detailed beam dynamics studies and documentation for EBS and/or PETRA IV

D4.1.3 (M48, Januray 2024 DESY) Technical report on beam diagnostics studies with detailed documentation.


12th June 2023

Eurizon Task 4.1


SL Simone Liuzzo  YES
LH Lina Hoummi NO
SW Simon White NO
LC Lee Carver NO
NC Nicola Carmignani YES
IA Ilya Agapov NO
JK Joachim Keil NO
TH Thorsten Hellert NO
BV Bianca Veglia NO
LM Lukas Malina NO
EM Elaf Musa NO

Zhe Zhang NO
Ryan Russel NO

For diag meetings:
HS Holger Schlarb  NO
GK Gero Kube   YES
SJ Szymon Jablonski  NO
SP Sven Pfeiffer  YES
SM Sajjad Mirza  NO
KS Kees Scheidt NO
BR Benoit Roche  YES
EB Elena Buratin NO
FE Friederike Ewald YES

Meeting for Diagnostics

all colleagues to review latest changes. send an email "all done ok on my side", then SL will recollect and submit to M.Kirsch WP leader.

SL to number figures, and reformat references, draft conclusion.


IPAC 2024
NC emittance blow up simulations and measurements
SP/CC blow up and emittance monitor for Petra-IV (petra III operates at 0 chroma, so not possible to test)
if no DESY paper, one column in ESRF paper.

Keep to IPAC
no time for deeper publications.




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      Eurizon Task 4.1 status 5m
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      DELIVERABLE 4.1.2 20m