14-16 May 2019
Europe/Paris timezone

Scientific Programme


The full course lasts three days, although it is possibile to follow only one, two or three days. The first day covers simulations of source emission (power and flux) and an introduction to simulate a beamline with ray tracing. Day 2 is dedicated to simulate optical systems with wave optics for coherent and partially coherent sources. Day 3 is a code camp to develop new applications in OASYS and perform OASYS-related programming.

Day 1

This first session is dedicated to calculate the flux and power emitted by synchrotron sources and simulate the beamline elements with ray tracing.

  • Source emission (flux and power) using XOPPY

  • Ray tracing a beamline with ShadowOui

Day 2

This second day will be dedicated to simulate optical systems and also a beamline using wave optics methods

  • Combining ray tracing and wave optics with the HYBRID method

  • Describe simple systems showing interference and diffraction using WOFRY

  • Simulating a complete beamline with SRW

  • Introduce methods for partial coherence: Monte Carlo multi-electron analysis with COMSYL, and coherence mode decomposition with COMSYL.

Day 3

This third day will be a full-day code camp to learn how to create new OASYS widgets and add-ons. It will also serve as a platform to learn how to automize tasks in making parametric calculations and to perform long runs using scripts that run in a cluster.