Eurizon Task 4.1 general update



31st March 2023: ammendment approved

M4.1.1 (M30 July 2022, DESY) Identify common beam physics interests, define necessary software developments
M4.1.2 (M30 July 2022, DESY) Definition of the work organisation for beam dynamics studies
M4.1.3 (M32 September 2022, ESRF) Define work organisation and contributors to the tasks identified in M4.1.1
M4.1.4 (M36 Jan 2023, DESY) Beam Diagnostics: Definition of the work organization for beam diagnostics studies

D4.1.1 (M38 March 2023, ESRF) Preliminary technical report with proof of principle validation on simplified test cases

To do:

M4.1.5 (M42 Jul 2023, ESRF) Beam Diagnostics: Selection of the shaker device

D4.1.2 (M48, January 2024, DESY) Final technical report with detailed beam dynamics studies and documentation for EBS and/or PETRA IV

D4.1.3 (M48, Januray 2024 DESY) Technical report on beam diagnostics studies with detailed documentation.


22nd May 2023

Eurizon Task 4.1


SL Simone Liuzzo  YES
LH Lina Hoummi NO
SW Simon White YES
LC Lee Carver YES
NC Nicola Carmignani YES
IA Ilya Agapov NO
JK Joachim Keil YES
TH Thorsten Hellert YES
BV Bianca Veglia YES
LM Lukas Malina YES
EM Elaf Musa NO

For diag meetings:
HS Holger Schlarb  NO
GK Gero Kube   NO
SJ Szymon Jablonski  NO
SP Sven Pfeiffer   NO
SM Sajjad Mirza  NO
KS Kees Scheidt NO
BR Benoit Roche  NO
EB Elena Buratin NO
FE Friederike Ewald NO


SL no update.
JK nothing new, waiting for data. IPAC triplet shown. DLQ fields also in IPAC paper, not used yet. Something is moving.

report on MDT 26th April
LM presents slides
ADC data jitter BPM-BPM is the major issue. It can not be anticipated that the measurement is repeatible. errors larger than 1%
instability in triggering, bunch number switches by 3 bunches.
ORM 15 um rms orbit - 200um rms orbit after measurements.  Hysteresis? also a PS going to fault.

Follow up : investigating triggers (BPM, liberas, FOFB, etc.) and ADC data timing jumps.
Would be interesting to see if AT ESRF the same problems occurs.
SW: also ESRF has similar problem, only on Libera, not on Sparks. no solution available. JLPons an K.Scheidt working on this.

TH single bunch? LM 30-40 bunches

SL Do you plan an other MDT? LM yes, this week without beam. There are some missing triggers and data timestamps.

SL next badger MDT on 4th June 2023 .
BV no badger progress at DESY. Jong-Chul Chae also showed interest.

LM TH pySC status

TH summer student starting today! on pySC! 3rd semester computer scientist

LM, prefer to continue with test, and postpone documentation

for SL: PlotLattice pull request to continue/conclude

TH/SL all works at LOCO stage. pySC, SC locolib, many options.
SL: pySC loco interface?
TH: wrote SC locolib to connect SC to matlab middlelayer structure, such to have an object ready for the matlab MML loco.

LM, already discussed with TH about clearer project structure. make package familiar to matlab users as well.

SL what should we do to help progress? list of functions to copy doc?
SL start working on wave errors

LM matlab-user index could be a python module where there is 1-1 equivalence matlab-python.

LM use code for PETRAIV! TH plans to use for ALS

LM, TH, meet after 6th June for further update.

LC is in favour of letting remote presentations. Session for remote presentation.
Fill out the survey, there will be two remote slots (US and JAPAN time) and the SB board will decide what to do.
LM also in favour of letting people present
IA SB will decide according to the talk and to the person. For example Borland , and talk could be remote.

For training jupyter template of script doing several examples. This can be broad casted.

SW time of presentation is the EU time.

SW reserve Auditorium for the meeting? better remote features.
SL else use control room tools?

SL should we do matlab or python training. Lee Carver will do pyAT. If more than 12 people subscribe split pyAT/AT.
TH propose to translate the matlab AT class.

AT matlab or python two classes will be proposed.

IA setting up notebook will take time.

IA for machine learning workshop training set up on cloud. installation instructions work for 4/5 people. Cloud based environment from DESY.

LM jupyter notebook pip in jupyter notebook. 2 minutes.

Send email in advance with installation instructions.

There will be no going back to code during session.

SW: could ask to do primer.

based on people subsciring.
we will have remote training
we will do it matlab and python in two different rooms
the participants will bring their own laptop (not strictly necessary) with installed and running matlab aAt or python AT. If possible they will have followed the AT primer doc already.

Monday at 16.00 is a good time

IA, SW: how to continue after EURIZON ends?

Participate in the new IFAST? Participate in LEAPS?
100-200 kEuros for workshop and collaboration work? + money for one two persons?
work on pyMML?

IA will look at IFAST
SW will look at LEAPS

Everyone to explore if there is money.

pyMML? also ALS-U may want to put money.
pyTAC at diamond.


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