M4.1.2 meeting

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Define work organization

M4.1.2 (M30 July 2022, DESY) Definition of the work organisation for beam dynamics studies

MINUTES (L. Hoummi, S.Liuzzo):
Eurizon meeting M4.1.2, July 5th 2022, remote

Participants : Simone Liuzzo, Simon White, Ilya Agapov, Lukas Malina, Bianca Veglia, Joachim Keil,  Nicola Carmignani, Lee Carver, Thorsten Hellert, Lina Hoummi

Objectives of the meeting :  -Summary of the previous meeting -Definition of the work organisation for beam dynamics studies -Next milestones and deliverables review -Plan next two meetings

Simone : three guidelines identified internally with the ESRF people (here below). Everyone agreed.

MDT time together to be organised :
EBS restart 20-22 August 2022, MDT time 21-22 August 2022. Next restart is in october, (21) 22-23 (24).

Three identified guidelines : 

1) lattice models for PETRAIV and EBS with cross talks: Joachim , Simone . If time available, GGE model of 1 wiggler for PETRA III and 1 wiggler for EBS.

2) online optimisation during MDT time.

  • Development of online optimisers and MDT software: Lina, Thorsten, Lukas, Bianca.
  • Partecipation to MDT time: everyone.

3) error and correction tools for pyAT : Simone, Thorsten, Simon, Ilya, Elaf, Joachim, Bianca

Joachim : hard edge model for PETRA IV, crosstalk , unclear what impact on the fields.  For PETRA III general gradient expansion (discussed in the last meeting), could be interesting to model the damping wigglers on PETRA III.

Simone: Also for EBS the modelling of a wiggler could be interesting, seen its impact on the beam. We add this to

Nicola : what kind of online optimisers ? 

Lina: looking into the theoretical models, still undecided, and surely not ready for the next restart.

Plan the the next meetings: doodle will be sent, next meeting starting from the third week of August, taking in account holidays and accelerators restart.

Next deliverable is a Report due in march 2023. D4.1.1 (M38, ESRF) Preliminary technical report with proof of principle validation on simplified test cases.

Monthly meetings will give updates on each topic. The next meeting will target :

- which optimiser to use  

- what functions to implement in pyAT  

- how to define the crosstalk models for EBS and PETRA IV

EURIZON Project is still pending approval.


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